SAMPLE Itineraries

We are not in the business of peddling package tours. Every single journey is tailored to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Following are merely a few examples of the type of safaris that we have arranged for clients in the past. There are a multitude of possibilities and configurations, depending on your own preferences.

Four Country Safari was praised by guests as an excellent variation between water and land-based game viewing, coupled with luxury living. There are many other excellent camps in all four countries that can be included.

Hemingway on Steroids is exactly what the name implies: Tented living in all corners of Tanzania in comfortable, cushy tents with wildlife around all the time. The journey takes you from the center of the migration to remote regions with Africa's densest animal population and eventually the shores of Lake Tanganyika to interact with the chimpanzees.

Serengeti in Style is how some of our clients prefer to enjoy the Great Migration. Even the tented camps offer chandeliers and stylish camp furniture. Once again, the actual combination of camps and lodges depends solely on the client's needs. 

Desert, Water and Wildlife is another combination that provides guests with great contrasts in terrain and variety in animal viewing. Once again there is a wide range of camps to be included in this configuration. 

When you are ready to go we would like to plan with you your own uniquely customized itinerary.