Our Clients

During the past decade we have had a wide range of clients, covering the whole spectrum in age, profession and preferences. Some traveled as families with as many as twelve, others as two or three couples, some as couples by themselves and some solo. 

We believe that every single client has his or her own specific interests and preferences and we plan accordingly. Some prefer physical activity while others would rather relax between game drives. Some have special dietary requirements. Some like modern amenities while others prefer rustic but regal. That is why we insist on having a complete profile on every guest before we start planning.

However, all our guests have one thing in common: They all want the best that is out there, suited to their own taste and budget. 

The comment most commonly heard on their return from The Ultimate Safari: "Trip of a lifetime."

We average a more than a 50% repeat rate and a high percentage of clients come to us on the personal recommendation of  former guests. Neither the slickest promotion nor most extensive advertising beats word-of-mouth, especially when you offer a specialized, personalized service.

Groupdrinks Serenegti August2011

Midday cocktails in the Serengeti